Cast your mind back to when Kate Moss and Alexa Chung hanging off the arms of their rockstar beaus, wrapped in leather, silk, and followed by a cloud of smoke was an all too familiar image. As of late, this leather-studded fantasy is taking TikTok by storm. Amassing close to 250 million views on the app, the so-called “Rockstar Girlfriend” is an aesthetic we are all well acquainted with – and one that is witnessing a revival as a by-product of the “Indie Sleaze” era that Saltburn got us talking about.

Throughout the Men’s show in Milan and Paris this month, we saw leather jackets with racing gloves to match at Gucci, fisherman styles at Fendi and tailored lacquered looks at Martine Rose – offering a hard edge to the otherwise romantic (ergo feminine) collections that we saw on the runway. Back at the Spring/Summer 2024 shows the rockstar girlfriend rose to stardom, guided by the mass inclusion of leather biker looks. After all, what is a rockstar girlfriend without her boyfriend’s leather jacket slung over her shoulders?

As durable as it is stylish, the leather jacket is an androgynous statement piece that has consistently withstood the test of time. Brands rummaged in their boyfriend’s wardrobes to dig out versions of the staple jacket in all shapes and sizes, reimagining the classic coat in bold colours and extended silhouettes with elaborate hardware, that exuded just the right amount of rebellion.

Chopova Lowena appropriately held their 9pm Spring/Summer 2024 show in a skatepark underneath London’s Westway. The recent winners of the New Establishment Womenswear category at the 2023 British Fashion Awards, sent one model down the runway in a raving red biker jacket pierced with silver hardware and showered with eyelets in true Chopova Lowena spirit – a modern solution for the maximalist rebel – best paired with one of the brand’s cult punky pleated skirts, layered over jeans.

Padded to perfection, David Koma also showed road-worthy leathers in the Tate Modern. A classic bomber was accented with bold panels, sporty fastenings and paired with a ballooning black mini-skirt, providing a softened edge to this hardcore look.

A brand known for its love of leather, at KNWLS baby blue was given a rugged reimaging. A worn effect near the seams carried forth the distressed, dystopian wash trend we’ve seen emerging over the past few seasons. While in Paris, longline leather featured at Chloé in Gabriela Hearst’s parting solution for withstanding the harsh European winters in style.

Two trends joined forces at Acne, marrying the crowd-favourite micro short with a figure-hugging leather jacket. Upon closer inspection, this jacket was made from intricate panels and decorated with excess of pockets for keeping your belongings close. The centre seam and hem were embellished with a leather ruffle. The result was a patchwork effect which retained the classic connotation of the leather jacket but with an Acne undertone.

Celine returned to the runway with another staple piece. This unassuming but essential jacket fell just below the waist and billowed at the arms to create the perfect oversized leather bomber, casually paired with jeans and headphones. Meanwhile, Courrèges offered asymmetrical anarchy. The addition of two centre zips on this oversized jacket offered multiple styling possibilities. Transform it into a sultry off-the-shoulder moment, perfect for a night out at your boyfriend’s gig or zip it up when out in the elements.

We can’t all be dating rockstars, but that doesn't mean we can't dress like we are. So whether you’ve got a gig to attend, or just want to look like Kate Moss for your trip to the supermarket, a trusty leather jacket will never do you wrong.

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