As the calendar flips to the third Monday of the year, many of us will find ourselves grappling with the infamous "Blue Monday" – a day reputed to be the most melancholic of the year. Coined by UK travel company Sky Travel, who first came up with the concept in the mid-noughties to sell holidays, Blue Monday has got us all in a bit of a slump.

Whether it's the post-holiday blues, winter weather woes, or the realisation that New Year's resolutions may be slipping away, Blue Monday has earned its reputation as a collective sigh on the global calendar. But fear not, at Because we’re defying the dreariness and turning this day of gloom into a vibrant celebration of the powerful hue – blue! We're not talking about feeling blue; we're talking about wearing it, taking inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2024 collections which were painted in the powerful pigment.

In London, Ahluwalia’s signature patchwork denim and vibrant leafy prints burst with hints of blue, and the sweeping jersey drapes at Standing Ground were lit by the striking shade – a contemporary spin on creative director Michael Stewart’s renaissance-inspired silhouettes that envelop the female form.

Burberry's ode to British summertime and the English Country Garden, presented a compelling argument for royal blue this season through florals, checks, and strawberry prints. Meanwhile, FEBEN's first foray into menswear saw a matching biker jacket and shorts, both rendered in blue.

Outside of London, fashion houses Acne and Armani playfully incorporated the colour, infusing a potency into their Spring/Summer collections. A standout was Issey Miyake's avant-garde angular tailoring and delicate, thin pleated scarves, dipped in the same shade of cerulean, that sashayed down the runway.

Blue was the colour pop that caught our attention and something we plan to carry out of winter and into the warmer months with us. So, don’t let Blue Monday be just a date marked by melancholy, instead let it be a reminder of the brighter days to come. Afterall, why let the blues bring you down when you can wear them proudly?

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