In biting-cold weather, it's a safe bet to depend on makers from typically colder climates. In Iceland, where the temperature is unlikely to exceed 12°C in peak summer and remains below 0°C throughout winter, 66°North is a mainstay for cold weather clothing.

And the brand’s first full collection under the leadership of creative director, Kei Toyoshima, gives us all the more reason to invest in 66°North this winter! The Japanese designer’s impressive CV, which includes megabrands Bottega Veneta, Haider Ackermann and Louis Vuitton (where he still works as menswear designer) left us waiting with bated breath for the collection drop after it was announced that he would be taking to the helm back in November 2022.

With his distinctive touch, Toyoshima has crafted a debut collection that reflects not only his chic sensibilities but also pays homage to the brand's nearly century-long legacy. The marriage of boxy sweatshirts and oversized cargo trousers with knee-length parkas and jacquard knitwear creates a versatile range that seamlessly bridges the gap between urban sophistication and Icelandic practicality.

Acknowledging the brand's rich history, Toyoshima explained, “In the depths of old warehouses, I discovered numerous vintage pieces embodying the ethos of "KEEPING ICELAND WARM SINCE 1926." These forgotten treasures served as a rich source of inspiration. The research resonated deeply with Icelandic life and provided an exciting yet reflective moment for us as we entered the phase of becoming a global brand.”

“The materials and colour palette used in the collection are metaphorically based on the concept of the "Icelandic home," mirroring the structure of a house and inspired by the views from within. The outer fabric with water-repellent treatment used throughout the collection is influenced by the indistinct and dry landscapes seen through windows, such as Lava Fields and MOSS fields.”

The collection comes after the brand has witnessed a successful streak of global expansion outside of Iceland. Clean, contemporary and globally inspired, yet rooted in Icelandic authenticity, it signals a new chapter in the brand's evolution – one that seamlessly connects its rich heritage with a future envisioned for the next 100 years.

The collection will launch in Autumn 2024! Discover more at

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