Glastonbury Festival opening its gates to hoards of spectators today, which means our feeds will be bombarded with event coverage for the next week or so. Year after year, Glasto is on all of our bucket lists but pinning down a ticket is a challenge in which few succeed. It took less than six minutes for all 135,000 publicly available tickets to sell out this year, so if you bagged one I applaud you!

At Because HQ we’re looking forward to a summer of stomping around in parks and fields, getting tipsy in the sun (if we're lucky) with friends, pulling out our festi-warbrobes and listening to the best music that this year’s line-ups have to offer. Were ringing in the start of the festival season; and this is how they will be styling each memorable occasion...

Augustine, Fashion Writer
Love Supreme

Festival season is my annual opportunity to flex the most daring parts of my typically understated wardrobe. A time to pull out those mesh layers, miniskirts and stomping shoes lurking in the back of my monochrome wardrobe. I’ll be bidding farewell to the days of neat tailoring and cotton shirting and welcoming something a tad more daring – but still in keeping with my all-black aesthetic, of course.

To quench my annual festival thirst, I'm heading down south in a couple of weekends time, for Love Supreme, on the grounds of Glynde Place in the South Downs of East Sussex. I’ll be packing my essentials – think mini deodorant, gum and sanitiser – into this Miu Miu Pocket mini-skirt, a chic alternative to a Dad vibe sporty bumbag, perfect for laying over this sexy sheer Skims dress and bra top, which both score top marks in breathability and support for a day of dancing.

I’ll be topping the look off with these chunky Eytys stompers – built for all terrains and sure to protect my toes from any clumsy nearby dancers in the thick of a crowd, paired with these sporty Les Specs racer shades (which admittedly buy into the “motorcore” trend), a black tinted Givenchy lip and a nifty Snow Peak water bottle carrier to stay hydrated in the dance when I’m front left waiting for my favourite act to come on.

Eve, Fashion Coordinator
Field Day

Each August, the Hackney hoard flock to Victoria Park for Field Day. This year, I’ll be joining them for my fix of loud, live music in London this summer. For the occasion, I’ll be wearing an oversized tee Martine Rose tee, that pays tribute to the rumbling rave scenes of the ‘90s, fitting for a day of electronic music and debauchery under the sun and into the night. I’ll be pairing the logo tee with these perfect smiley-coloured Loewe sunnies, some cute mesh pink socks and this practical but fun Raey raw edge denim skirt, baggy enough to get my groove on in.

Since Grace Wales Bonner dropped her latest collab with Adidas these high-shine metallic sneakers have been on my wishlist – comfortable enough for a day on my feet but the perfect silver injection to my fun festival wardrobe – I can’t wait to whip them out and dazzle fellow festivalgoers. I’ll carry the silver vibe over into my other accessory, with this studded belt honouring Kate Moss’ grungey Glasto looks over the years, styled with an effortless tuck of the shirt, plus these Katya hairclips, ultimate cool girl accessories, perfect for protecting against the dreaded hair in lip gloss – or armpit if you're really unlucky – scenario in the crowd.

Matteo, Editorial Assistant
End of The Road

This year, I’ll be making my annual excursion to End of the Road, a Dorset-based festival with a brilliant community feel. Although folk music frippery may not scream apocalypse, this year I’ll be styling myself after Mad Max, inspired by a more literal reading of the festival’s name.

These desert boots from Rombaut are my ideal futuristic footwear find, with a chunky sole to elevate me above any tall festivalgoers blocking my view of the stage. I’ll be pairing them with this skirt from Rick Owens: I love its frayed edges and unique tailoring. I’m prone to overheating in those crowded festival tents, so DS & Durga’s zesty Coriander perfume oil, far more practical for a festival than an unwieldy glass bottle, will be perfect for a post-rave refresh.

Though my armageddon aesthetic may be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the rising costs of festival drinks are no joke. This multi-pocketed cargo shirt from SUNNEI will provide ample pocket space for spirit sneakage, but if they get too full, this bottle holder from Lazy Oaf will ensure I’m staying hydrated in style.

Flossie, Editorial Intern
We Out Here

Practicality is not a word which features heavily in my festival A-Z and my outfits for this year's We Out Here festival will be no exception. These Stella Mccartney yeti boots are worth the risk of soggy feet. I'll throw on a pair of Viv Westwood socks with them, an embroidered orb peeking out from the shoes’ furry depths. And as for a novelty tee fix, I’m keeping it trashy with a tank from Y Projects' recent JPG collab.

Despite my claim of fashion over function, a fanny pack is a festival necessity. In keeping with the gorpcore craze I’ll be sporting C.P Company’s waterproof bumbag, my Victorinox pocket knife clipped to its straps. Complete with a bottle opener, nail file, toothpick and tweezers, I’ll be the most sought-after camper in the group with this gadget. To top up my goth girl glam, my trusty fanny pack will also home Isamaya’s water lip balm in black, keeping me sufficiently glossed and hydrated.

The morning after, you’ll catch me curing my hangover in the festival's natural swimming lake, donning a barely-there Raga Malik bikini. When I’m not practising my front crawl, it’ll be worn with dangling ties poking out over my miniature skirt and vest top.