This season, Chet Lo put on a seductive show which ran deep, seeking to rewrite his youth and reclaim the power he lost growing up in a society unaccepting of his sexuality.

We’ve grown to love the designer’s knobbily knitwear and his latest work reimagined his signature spikey fabrics, introducing finer, sheer, lace-like versions of the cult texture. Alongside this new silhouettes for Chet were carved out of white leather, graphic printed micro-knits, and adorned with Chinese knot embellishments, an omen of good luck in Chinese culture.

We caught up with Chet ahead of the show to find out more…

Describe your SS24 collection in 3 words…
Sexy, Sultry, Scrumptious.

Name one person, living or dead, that you would want to wear the collection.
Michelle Yeoh

What are your pre-show rituals?
I always take a long bath in the morning since I never am able to sleep and eat a lot of burgers the night before.

What will you be listening to pre-show?
I always listen to the runway track before the show and imagine the models walking down the runway.

What is the first thing on your show-day packing list/in your bag?
The collection.

What's your favourite piece in the collection and why?
I absolutely love the knitted lace pieces we created. I think they're so sexy and highlight the body so well and basically have porn on them as well. 

What outfit will you be wearing on show day?
Not quite sure yet. I always pick something from the collection, whatever we don't end up using down the runway.

What's the first thing you’ll do when the show is over?

What is it about London that continues to energize your creativity?
I think being surrounded by other youthful creatives keeps me going. I think it's so nice to see my classmates from university doing so well and keeps me going. I love my community.

What drives you to keep making clothes?
Honestly, sometimes I don't know, but I absolutely love the technicality behind the clothes and figuring out ways to create a piece around the body and then making it slay is just really fun.

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