PHWROAR! That's the reaction you get when hearing that the new Temperely London and Løci sneaker collaboration is not only wild but also vegan! 

Temperely London has long been known for its British bohemian glamour - Alice Temperley only recently  moved her entire HQ to Illminster, Somerset near the cider farm she grew up on. Phoenix Studios now houses her ready-to-wear and bridal, alongside a darling bakery and bar (serving Somerset Brandy, of course!) Anyone in need of a sparkly number, or a great denim jumpsuit beelines to Temperley London and maximalist embroideries and animal print are perennial favourites of the brand.

Long working towards a more sustainable production cycle (Alice did grow up on an apple farm, afterall!), the brand was awarded the Butterfly Mark in 2018 by Positive Luxury for a commitment to responsible practices across its business. So it makes sense for the fashion brand to find a likeminded partner when it came to creating some footwear that could be co branded.

Cue Løci’s - a sneaker brand who claim that one pair of their shoes removes twenty plastic bottles from our oceans. The laceup sneakers bearing Temperley London animal print feature Løcis' fully recycled and vegan-friendly  natural materials, making this collaboration a “no brainer” according to Alice.

The shoes have cork midsoles and insoles that are both comfortable and breathable (helpful when you don't want to wear socks in the summer!). The upper of the sneaker is made from recycled plastic from bottles found in the ocean while its lining features bamboo and recycled nylon, keeping the shoe light and warm. Even the lace-up eyelets are made from recycled brass that in the right recycling programme can either get reused, or recycled.

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