The recent nightmares at UK airports mean that many of us are reconsidering flying off to other climes. And sure, a holiday in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a city is not necessarily one's dream destination - it ain't no Amalfi Coast, that's for sure. Yet for those of us sticking to our locales for the staycation of choice (and finally not by necessity), the energy of the city can still be a fun escape diving into the whirlwind of nightlife, discovering hidden gems and finally visiting that gallery you've always meant to. And hey, with the right wardrobe, we can transport ourselves anywhere. Now that is how we can “dress to manifest”!

To help you with your staycation  plans, we've picked some fun summer in the city outfits from our favourite brands.

Lorena wears a dress by GANNI and sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals.

Lorena wears a swimsuit by MEDINA, a skirt by Plan C, scarf (tied around the head) by & Other Stories and the Clic bag by MSGM

Lorena's dress is by Monsoon. 

Her shirt is by GÜL HÜRGEL, shorts by Levi’s and sandals by PLAN C

Shop some of the brands' summer pieces here below:

Photography by Raminta Ceponyte
Stylist: Stella Umezaki

Hair and Make-up: Lillie Lindh
Contributing art direction: Kaja Lampret
Casting: Irene Manicone at IM Casting
Model: Lorena at Premier Model Management