The three Rs mantra today could be Reduce, Reuse, Reco!

RECO, birthed out of the thinking time a global pandemic offered Paris-based, Catalan-born designer Bea Recoder, has a mission to reduce its carbon footprint without having to cut back on or sacrifice quality in materials.

‘Excellent craftsmanship’ and ‘conscious manufacturing’ are two of the stated missions laying behind RECO’s quest to operate within a more circular accessories and fashion industry. This means Bea sources deadstock leather which already exists but has not found its way into a finished good yet - and usually this deadstock leather comes from the storage rooms at factories who produce the luxury brand name bags you'd recognize.

An ode to curves, comfort and an homage to her hermanas (sisters), these are soft, colourful and textured bags - cleverly constructing shapes working with the available lengths the already-produced leather comes in.  Bea has worked with a range of designer houses including Chloe, Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne and Amina Muaddi, all which helped result in her expertise to create her unique assemblage technique of patchwork that feels as decadent as it is practical and solution-oriented.

Each collection is produced in limited quantities and a pre-order system is used to avoid overproduction staying loyal to RECO’s ethos. These bags solve a style problem as well as an over-production one and we're here for it!

Available exclusively globally now at Brownsfashion