What does one do when two of our favourite creative powerhouses play together? We lose our fashionable minds, of course...?!

TRINITY FOR CHITOSE ABE of sacai debuted this week on the Parisian runway under the grandeur of the Town Hall's chandeliered ceilings. Not only was the Fall/Winter 2022 collection from Sacai a clever twist on downtown suiting and one of the most desirable wardrobe offers from the fashion month just gone, but the sophisticated jewels around models necks, fingers and wrists could not go unnoticed. 

The iconic glint of mixed precious metals flew past, but with a double take the audience realized that Abe had twisted the classics and elongated one of the rings, or rearranged the tilt of an axis of another for an earring.  The entire capsule is comprised of six modular pieces, whose transformations completely reinvent the wearer’s style without ever compromising on elegance.

The trio of white, yellow and rose gold rings are shape-shifted and distorted, though they sit perfectly and comfortably on the skin. We have always admired Cartier's bold approach to design (think Juste Un Clou or anything from their Panthere range!) but this collaborative and creative exploration is an unexpected and ingenius surprise, one that makes us very happy.

This exclusive, limited-edition collection will be released initially in Japan this Summer, then in Paris, London, New York and Seoul in Autumn 2022 so be on the lookout!