For over 165 years in the business, Al Capone’s beloved Italian hat brand Borsalino has managed to stay in the game by consistently creating hats that not only gangsters have wanted to wear. Borsalino is known for their classic hat shapes made in exceptional fabrics, with a large dose of Italian style, craftsmanship and technical expertise. They just fit well.  But you gotta keep it fresh, and Borsalino is looking ahead with a fresh new collaboration.

Ami Paris started as a menswear brand, a buzzy label that showed in Paris during menswear week. But it's now that their large heart logo on sweaters, tees and jackets are just as recognisable as the crocodile or even the bee, and it's a whole new generation who like subtle luxury who have gone gaga over their collections.  Their energetic Parisian spirit has been infused with a heavy felt from Borsalino, and given a major twist to the classic wide-brimmed hat, floppy yet sculptural at the same time.  Ami's Creative Director  Alexandre Mattiussi designed this as a unisex hat, as much of his collection is, and it's a great addition to any outfit not only to get some shade but to add some serious Parisenne je-ne-sais-quoi.

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