What... The Marlin running trainer by Veja.

Why... Because Veja have used pioneering sustainable materials to make this running trainer the best athletic shoe for your feet, as well as the environment.

It's no surprise that there was a significant rise in runners during 2020; on average, those who would normally go once or twice a week increased their participation by 117%. Being the easiest and most accessible way of moving your body, regular gym goers slipped on their trainers to get their dose of cardio-induced serotonin. 

And now the nation has truly caught the running bug, a pair of suitable trainers is more than necessary. Cue the Marlin, Veja's latest running shoe that's miles ahead of its competition

In keeping with the eco-conscious ethos Veja is famed for, the Marlin is made with new sustainable materials that have diminished the need for any environmentally-toxic components. 30 to 32% of its running sole is made with Amazonian rubber, and by using this material the fight against deforestation is helped because the economic value of the forest is increased. The L-foam – a latex cushion which provides high shock absorption within the shoe – is made of natural rubber, and the plant-based Pebax is a sustainable version of the original inserts that are found in regular performance shoes. We've seen sustainability make a statement within the sartorial world, and now it's doing so within the niche space of active footwear. 

With shades that range from neon greens to more subdued hues, there are options for those who love to make a statement as well as those who don't. Whichever colour you chose, take comfort in the fact that every running step you take will be sustainable one

The Veja Marlin launches 29th April, you can buy it here.

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