Remember those talks about an Indian summer? Along with a new season and an array of fashion shows, September brought hope that we could enjoy thigh-high hemlines without the fear of freezing. But alas, as I write this, the calming sound of rain drops hitting tarmac plays as my soundtrack. And so, with realism defeating any chances of high-summer returning, let the wet and windy weather commence. 

When battling with the outside elements, sartorial armour is necessary. The Re-Pete Project anorak will be just that, because it does as good of a job protecting you from the drizzle as it does preventing plastic waste from being dumped in our oceans. As a circular fashion label, the brand produces their outerwear locally with recycled single-use plastic waste and ensures that they're 100% recyclable, meaning that it will never end up in landfill. Each anorak is crafted with 28 0.5 litre PETE water bottles, and the toggles are handmade by London based sustainable designer and lecturer, Mala Siamptani, from plastic milk cartons donated by local London eateries. The founder Katie Walsh – who used to helm celebrity-loved brands Poltock & Walsh and Bolzoni & Walsh – returned to fashion after a six year break from the industry, and came with the mindset that whatever she'd create wouldn't add to the environmental crisis that the fashion industry has contributed to. As well as the environmentally-friendly production, 10% of The Re-Pete Project's profits are donated to the Ocean Clean Up, a charity dedicated to cleaning international waters and tackling the plastic crisis.

All that in an uni-sex, timeless anorak that, for the next few months at least, you'll always be in need of – it's truly got us covered.

Shop The Re-Pete Project anorak here.

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