Because there’s no place quite like the Great British high street – from its niche independents, to seasonal pop-ups and those expansive yet elegant department stores – Because Magazine is on a mission to champion the bricks-and-mortar of London in all its glory. Each week, we’ll beeline to the rails of our favourite retailers to scope out the must-have pieces and in-store exclusives that are more than worth making an effort for. This week, we're at the PANGAIA pop-up in Selfridges to find out more about what we should be wearing this season.

A self-proclaimed materials science company, PANGAIA has made waves within the industry for their eco-friendly activewear. By utilising the wonders of mother earth, they're pioneering the development of sustainable materials in a way that hasn't been seen before, and now, you can learn all about it in their interactive pop-up in the Selfridges Corner Shop.

Along with a sartorial offering of PANGAIA products, the pop-up includes a heptagonal turntable designed to educate customers on the science and technology behind their sustainable materials; C-FIBER, FLWRDWN, and PPRMINT. 

The PANGAIA collective show us their hero pieces from the pop-up and explain the different technologies that went into making them.   

What... The wide-leg track pants and zipped jacket from the Move collection

Why... "This collection is based on 90s activewear, it's made with 100% organic cotton and has a smooth finish. It has this retro, sporty look, and includes a mix of shorts, polos and t-shirts – but we love the wide-leg track pants with the zip jacket. It's something a bit different to the styles that PANGAIA usually does, and it's one of their newest pieces that dropped a few weeks ago."

What... The FLWRDWN puffer

Why... "This is a take on the traditional FLWRDWN jackets, but it's a lighter material for summer; it's more lightweight and breathable but uses the original flower technology. The aforementioned took ten years of extensive lab research to develop, and we wanted to create an alternative to the animal and polyester downs. This is entirely biodegradable (which polyester isn't) and doesn't harm any animals in the process. It's made with dried wildflowers, that are grown without any pesticides and hand-picked to ensure the highest quality."

What... The Grape Leather Sneakers

Why... "They're an innovative leather alternative, that incorporate grape waste from the Italian winemaking industry. They utilise grape seeds, stalks and stems, known as pomace, for this animal-free leather. This method disrupts the waste stream of the winemaking industry as well as establishing a new use for this biomass." 

Visit the Pangaia pop-up at the Selfridges Corner Shop, on 400 Oxford St, Marylebone, London W1A 1AB between April 12th and May 2nd.

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