What... the Lady Days earrings by Anissa Kermiche

Why... Because all the profits made by their wholesale partner, Matches Fashion, will be used to empower women's menstrual rights in India.

Whether it be a Love Handles ceramic vase or one of her Jugs jugs, Anissa Kermiche has always celebrated the female form and the parts we're meant to hide. And this Menstrual Hygiene day, she continues to empower women with Lady Days; her latest joaillerie addition to her roster of ornaments.

In collaboration with Sanitation First, Anissa Kermiche has designed a pair of earrings where all the profits made from their wholesale partner, Matches Fashion, will go to stopping period poverty for girls in India. According to Sanitation First, 10 million girls drop out of school annually in India due to the lack of proper menstrual hygiene management facilities, which include availability of sanitary products and awareness of menstruation. Their latest initiative, Code Red, is set to stop this by building toilets that give girls privacy to change, providing sanitary products, and by educating both students and teachers about menstrual health.

As a multidisciplinary designer who takes the taboo subjects of womanhood and dissects them, Anissa's Lady Days earrings couldn't be a better symbol for this cause. Whilst they elegantly hang from your earlobes, take pride in the fact that your purchase will have positively impacted the lives of girls nearly 5,000 miles across the globe. That's a shopping induced serotonin boost that you can't beat – period.

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