As one of Britain's retail institutions, Harrods has always had the magical ability of inspiring those who step within it. From their selection of sartorial must-haves (which appear to have been taken straight from the runway to shop floor) to the grandness of their food hall, it's hard to roam around the gargantuan space and not have some form of creative ideas sparked from doing so. 

It's a sentiment that feels dear to Iggy London's latest campaign video for Harrods. As an award-winning film maker that produces stories about identity and community, he wanted this film to show Harrods as the destination for fashion-lovers to explore the boundaries of clothing; as a place where you're free to be who you want to be. Doing just that is a troupe of diverse individuals, led by poet, trans-visibility crusader and model of the moment, Kai-Isaiah Jamal, and followed by Sri Lankan-Swiss singer-songwriter Priya Ragu, and London-based saxophonist CKTRL. "It was really important for me to shine a spotlight on some of the most interesting individuals within the London creative scene for this film with Harrods," shares Iggy. "The idea behind the film being that when all these amazing talents come together, there’s a shared excitement that we all feel. Combining this message with such an iconic and historical brand as Harrods and bringing these two different worlds together was super exciting."

Whilst descending on the shop halls, Kai-Isaiah narrates one of his own spoken word poems, which celebrates freedom of expression, creativity and the individuality espoused by our fashion choices. "I wanted this poem to be a homage," they said. "An honorary piece dedicated to our generation and also to those who paved the way for us to exist in our glory. For those of us who use fashion to experiment, shelter, transform outside of functionality; therefore, looking into the intersections of culture, gender identities and marginalised communities." Empowering, melodic and captivating, if you haven't felt drawn to spending an afternoon in a department store, this film is just the ticket. 

Watch our exclusive behind the scenes clip to learn more about Iggy's creative process for this film, and watch the campaign film here.

Shop our current favourite pieces from Harrods below:

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