Finding a faultless fashion staple is no minuscule task. There's an important equilibrium that must be achieved for the piece to remain hanging in your wardrobe for years to come: it mustn't be too extravagant in design, but it has to have a little somethin' somethin' to avoid your outfit from appearing drab.

On our quest to find styles that are classed as basics, but aren't boring, we've asked a few of our fashion favourite's – who are all pioneers in crafting sustainable styles that'll love for years to come – to share their tips on what essentials you should have in your closet.

Baum und Pferdgarten: Creative Directors, Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave
“We are firm believers in tailoring – especially with an oversized menswear-inspired look. A classic blazer serves as the ultimate staple and can save us time and time again when we feel overdressed or underdressed. It can both add a sharp and well-dressed touch to knit and loungewear as well as an effortless and down-toned element to a colourful dress – and suiting always helps us feel slightly more powerful if we are going to a business meeting.”

Shop this blazer by Baum und Pferdgarten here.

BITE Studios: CEO, William Lundgren
Sustainability has always been at the forefront of the brand, even before we became interconnected with the fashion industry. We wanted to create a label that could set the tone for how sustainable fashion should look, feel and be spoken about. The same goes for a wardrobe essential, which we have always believed are the ones that last over time, that become one with your personal expressions and become even more valuable to you over the years.

Our shirting has become a signature wardrobe staple for us at BITE Studios, and we update and rework these shirts into new fabrics and colourways each season. From crinkled organic cottons to a more polished silk-satin finish, the straight cut and exaggerated cuffs are a BITE signature detail inspired by men's shirts, which in turn serve as a classic yet elevated timeless staple.

Shop this crinkled organic-cotton shirt by BITE Studios here.

Marfa Stance: Founder and Creative Director, Georgia Dant
For me a quilted jacket is the perfect outerwear wardrobe staple. They're such versatile and trans-seasonal jackets, cosy, warm yet lightweight, and ideal for travelling and wearing in both the city or in the countryside. As a result I was inspired to create a truly unique and signature Marfa Stance quilt, beautifully crafted and designed for multi-function: a quilt that is reversible, build-able and also modular. You can adapt and build your piece to react to your lifestyle or to the climate, and that can evolve and be personalised to suit your style with a choice of build-able accessories! 

Shop the signature reversible quilt by Marfa Stance here.

&Daughter: Founder, Buffy Reid
“My wardrobe has a base that never changes, and then clothes just layer on or layer off depending on the time of year. Trousers switch out for sandals, coats switch out for jackets, but underneath remains the same. I invest most in outerwear and shoes as they are the anchors that hold everything together and they get worn the most. I opt for the best make and materials that I can afford, which allows them to remain in my wardrobe for many years, rather than seasons.

Navy is probably my go-to colour as much as I may try and change that. It's warm against skin in the winter and looks lovely with crisp white cottons in summer. My ultimate wardrobe staple is probably a navy cashmere jumper, it's the piece I pack no matter where I'm going or what time of year it is. It's the reason I started &Daughter, wanted to make the best one possible, in the best yarn, in the best way, to make sure that it lasts. My only challenge is when I leave it on a train! 

Shop the Elspeth Slouch Cashmere Crewneck by &Daughter here.

For winter, a colourful flourish or two helps to balance all the darker layers. We’ve just launched a Winter Market of colourful hand-knits, so I’ll add a chunky rib colourful sock to extend my Birkenstocks into the colder months and one of our hand intarsias for something a little playful to offset the classic.”

Shop the Lois Stripe Hand Knit Geelong Socks by &Daughter here.

Studio Nicholson: Founder and Creative Director, Nick Wakeman
“Life is challenging enough, so who needs to spend time staring into the wardrobe every morning, feeling like they don’t have anything to wear? I know I don’t. I’m too old for that business. Fashion frivolity feels a bit teenage in times like this. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s the wisdom that reducing those daily micro-decisions makes for a much smoother ride.

My top tip to assist in this smoother ride and an important wardrobe essential for everyone?  Well, being loyal to one trouser silhouette of course.  It means you’re always on solid ground. For me, the subtlety of a wide, curved leg trouser, such as the Dordoni pants, is king and an absolute wardrobe must-have. This continuous style can do no wrong. Trousers drive your entire outfit, which is why it makes sense to avoid transient trends and search out a style you can rely on. Stick with the width and layer up with your other favourite components.  Whether you're short, tall, big or small, the Dordoni is a classic Studio Nicholson shape engineered to give you volume in all the right places. Designed as the universal women's trouser with an inbuilt playful energy, their structure strengthens the female form. High waisted with deliberately deep single pleats at the front and generous side pockets, they work brilliantly with a tucked-in tee, oversized shirt or a chunky knit.”

Shop the Dordoni Trousers by Studio Nicholson here.

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