A new season means new clothes. However, like people, clothes do not exist in isolation. When investing it’s important to think about how a new piece will fit with what is already hanging in your wardrobe. For a sustainable approach to consuming fashion (and without having to Marie Kondo your wardrobe every couple of months) a central item with which to work around offers manifold styling potential: an opportunity to experiment with proportions, texture and colour. 

With that in mind, we’re offering different ways to style some statement pieces - showing that you don’t just have to stick to neutrals when thinking long-term.

This week we're highlighting a knitted vest from Ganni.

Look One
Eclecticism has been the trend that’s stood the test of time, and with major fashion houses like Gucci all for the granny chic look, it won’t be disappearing anytime soon. This knit will be the hero piece to achieve said aesthetic; layer over a scallop-collared shirt to amplify the vibe, but pair with some black wide leg trousers to give it a modern effervescence. Throw on these multicoloured Vans to complete the look and expect compliments from the over 70 year olds to come flocking in!

Look Two
As the autumnal days are quickly approaching, layering is the styling hack that’ll stop us from complaining through the transitional weather forecast. Wearing an open knitted vest over your summer dress will present yourself to external viewers as someone who lives in the present: still wanting to enjoy the very last of summer but aware that the weather suggests otherwise. Accessorise with a gold chain and animal print mules to put the cherry on the sartorial cake.

Look Three
Who said a knitted vest couldn’t be sexy?! Yes, their connotations do bring images of elderly men or cricketers to mind, but in 2020, the knitted vest has become a styling sensation for most fashionable of folk. Style it sensually by wearing it as a top (undo a button or two to really get hearts racing) and pair with a stiletto heel, snake-print boot for added va va voom. To keep the look refined for daytime dining, put a pair of jeans on bottom and don a tote bag on your arm.

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