Put tea bags in your Nikes?! Really? Well so says luxury after-care company The Restory who have begun their new weekly programme called ‘Restore Your...’ to encourage us to look after the things we love from home whilst their atelier is closed.

For those who may (or may not) be looking to add to their domestic To-Do list, The Restory are bringing together a team of specialists from across the globe to give us the tips and tricks on how to care for the items in our wardrobes that may need a extra bit of love using only things we would already find lurking in our cupboards. 

From: dirty (but clearly loved) trainers

Last week they kicked off the series with a helpful guide on how to restore your trainers (FYI the teabag is for deodorising). It will be next updated on Friday 3rd April with ‘Restore Your Home’, a guide to creating a calm and ordered living environment. Iki Kids will be giving us the low-down on how to declutter and organise.

On the 10th April, jewellery editor Beanie Major will be showing us how to ‘Restore Your Jewellery’ with practical info on cleaning, protecting and looking after different materials and stones, which, let's face it, will be very helpful given the tangled state of our jewellery boxes!

To: lovely restored and revived trainers

Then on the 17th April, the baking wizards at Tart will ‘Restore Your Tastebuds’ by providing a recipe guide using only store cupboard staples.

For more practical advice check out The Restory’s 10 Ways To Look After Your Items From Home and we'll be sharing an exclusive tip on our Instagram Stories too!

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