We don't need to hark on about why we should all be thinking more sustainably – there's enough news about the climate crisis to clearly tell us that – but even for the best of us, we still need a nudge in the environmentally friendly direction to make the changes that'll better our planet.

In this day and age, a reusable coffee cup is no longer your get-out-of-jail-free-card for acting sustainably in other areas of your life. Now more than ever, we need to be putting our green thinking caps on and addressing how we can buy more sustainably with the clothes we wear, the beauty we put on our skin and the ornaments we place in our homes. So, this September, we're doing exactly that.

Our new 'Sustainable September' series will be highlighting the best sustainably-minded products and brands that range over fashion, beauty and homeware, everyday throughout the month, showing that there are earth-affable options that you can opt for. Today, we're looking at the collaboration between, Sharon Cho x YOOX, and their sustainable capsule collection made from recycled plastic bottles and eco-friendly wool.

Staple: A word that is often thrown around by fashion media outlets when describing items you need to have in your wardrobe. That is all well and good, but when a bag that can only fit a tic tac is labelled so, do we really need it? At Because, we don’t use a word that holds such stature unnecessarily, and we think it is a perfect fit when describing all of the ‘staples’ that can be found in the Sharon Cho x YOOX sustainable capsule collection.

The online fashion retailer YOOX has collaborated with fashion designer Sharon Cho – winner of the 2019 YOOXYGEN Award and Parsons BFA Fashion Designer Graduate – for a line of sustainable staples for your wardrobe. Offering an array of clean cut suits, coats, and trousers for men and women in fabrics made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and eco-friendly produced wool, these are everyday pieces that you will want to reach for day after day. This collection flawlessly captures Sharon’s propensity to interpret what everyday clothing can be; an ability to wear every item for multiple occasions and style them in numerous different ways, that make them feel new with each wear.

Tailoring is clearly at the capsules core: you'll find jackets made with detachable panels, allowing for adaptable lengths, and unique embroidery, such as Cho’s signature “origami tessellation design” that decorates the back of each garment. The pieces' ability to transform into a ‘new’ item eliminates our need for a heavily saturated wardrobe filled with micro trends. Sharon explains that her goal, “was to design a collection that allowed the consumer to achieve more for less”, and we can undoubtably say that her triumphant capsule collection provides the blueprints for what a sustainable wardrobe should look like.

The seven-piece collection is a confident example on how a fashion forward idea can not only be accessible – for a coat that can be changed into three new styles, it doesn't have an extortionate price-point – but is the perfect marriage between chic and sustainable. Sharon is championing how designers can keep their individual voice, while still promoting sustainability in their designs. Watch this space.

Shop Sharon Cho x YOOX's sustainable collection below: 

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