Because there’s no place quite like the Great British high street – from its niche independents, to seasonal Pop-Ups and those expansive yet elegant department stores – Because Magazine is on a mission to champion the bricks-and-mortar of London in all its glory. Each week, we’ll beeline to the rails of our favourite retailers to scope out the must-have pieces and in-store exclusives that are more than worth making an effort for. This week, we're at the Alighieri Old Town pop up in Dingley Place to find out more about the jewellery designer's latest venture. 

Since the brand's inception in 2014, Alighieri has grown to become the cult jewellery brand for its uniquely imperfect pieces, taking inspiration from the world of travel and literature, with Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy at its soul. A favourite with fashion folk and famous faces alike, the brand now also features a selection of shoes and homeware, sitting side by side to their renowned talismanic necklaces.

But for Rosh Mahtani, founder of Alighieri, product was always just the start. Newly opened on the 1st of August and running until August 22nd, Dingley Place in the heart of East London is the ephemeral home for Alighieri Old Town,  a pop-up piazza to shop, dine and explore in. As well as being able to browse the treasures Alighieri has on offer, guests are invited to dine at Casa Luna, where they'll receive a culinary creation of Italian goodness. 

Intrigued to experience a snippet of Italy within London, we asked Rosh to give us a guided tour, and select three of her favourite pieces from the store.

What... The Wasteland Choker

Because... ‘This is from our latest collection, Love in The Wasteland. I was really interested in how T. S. Eliot was inspired by Dante, as my whole work is inspired by Dante. The power of Dante’s work has endured; so many authors and artists after him have been inspired by him. T. S. Eliot wrote The Wasteland after the First World War, and it was such a desolate time. I wanted to create a collection that was about finding love in the wasteland. I think finding love is about finding connections, and that’s why I created these links that are joined together and interacting in their language. I think we all need to find that connection to find happiness, as there is catharsis through connection. These ideas were pre-covid, but it’s funny that now it feels even more pertinent, as we’ve been so alone.’

What... Casa Luna Anklet

Because... ‘I created a few products for Alighieri Old Town. After lockdown, we wanted to take people away on a summer adventure, and for that you need an anklet. So we created the Casa Luna Anklet with the little ball on it, for that dreamy old town vibe of going into a market after dinner and rummaging for something you can wear as an anklet. This feels reminiscent of an anchor in a seaside town, a fantasy that can bring a little joy.’

What... Author's Amphora

Because... ‘This piece is also from Love in the Wasteland, and links to the idea of writing as catharsis. I have this idea of what the author is and how being creative is the air that they breathe, which is why I made the Author's Amphora. I loved the idea of amphorae that can contain your tears and anguish, but also your ink. Your tears and anguish then fuel the ink that allows you to create the story.’

To visit the Alighieri Old Town at 4 Dingley Place, London, EC1V 8BP between August 1st to 22nd, book an appointment here.

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