Inspiration for an outfit can come from anywhere. Whether it’s through your IG feed or the runway, we often look to already composed looks to get us thinking differently about our wardrobe. But as we’ve seen the industry adapt over the last few months, it seems about time to look to new resources for our #outfitinspo.

With a plethora of experiences having been disrupted due to lockdown, our usual bank of inspiration is running low. But, with the ability to enjoy the majority of what London has to offer currently available to us, why not look to your everyday to re-energise your garms? Simple pleasures, like the colours from a curated flower bouquet or the cloud formation of a summer sky, are equally as invigorating as style stimuli, and our curated sets based on what we love about London proves exactly that.

Seen as the en vogue summer activity of the season – mainly because of circumstances rather than actual reason – picnicking has spiked during 2020. No longer subjected to the usual countryside strolls, this leisurely act has become the optimum social(ly distanced) activity for those avoiding the crowded pubs and restaurants that urbanites have seen return. In ode to the occasion, this week’s curated outfits are inspired by the multitude of different ways of picnicking.

Can gingham be synonymous with any other activity in the 21st Century other than picnics? I think not, and coordinating your dress to match with your picnic blanket is the best way to utilise the material to the fullest. For a vintage style that won’t ever go out of date, we’re heralding this Rixo tea dress for its more subdued sky blue shade, that wonderfully compliments this over the top Muzungu Sisters straw tote. Pair the outfit with these Álvaro sandals – their leather tie straps make it super easy to quickly whisk them off so you can run your feet through the grass.

Somedays, solitude takes preference over sociability, but that needn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy some ‘me’ time in the sun. For a picnic date with yourself, opt for this linen Arket dress for maximum comfort whilst lounging. An Eliurpi sun hat will keep you from overheating whilst having a snooze or whilst reading, but these Bottega Veneta earrings are the cream of the crop for showing that your lack of company doesn't mean you have a lack of style.

Who said that picnics were exclusively held in parks? As trips to the local seaside seem more likely than excursions to far away holiday destinations, update your usual beach trip with a curated hamper of food and booze. For dips in the sea in between snacking, don this Etro swimsuit, and dry yourself off with this skirt-cum-towel by Terry – who doesn’t love a two-in-one? For eye protection against the seemingly stronger UV rays, wear these Prada sunglasses and enjoy this splendid way of alfresco dining. 

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