Remember the feeling of walking out of the school on the last day of the year knowing you had six weeks of unrestrained fun ahead of you? Albeit, school seems centuries ago when measured in quarantine time (and for some, regular time) but that combination of relief, excitement and pure anticipation of forthcoming memories is hard to forget. I imagine that I'll experience the same entrée of emotions when lockdown fully ends; with the adult equivalent of school holidays being weekends spent dining out with friends that are legally allowed to be within touching distance. But while I'm still crossing off the days on my once-school-now-work calendar, the new collaboration between Cecilie Bahsen and Charles & Keith is giving bouts of joy until the pending date finally becomes clear.

Launching today, the collaboration between the Danish designer and the Singaporean shoe and accessory brand contains a selection of three Mary Jane designs and a distinctive mule, all reinterpreted in true Bahsen fashion. And it seems that while we’ve been reminiscing about our younger years, Cecilie has been using it for inspiration. “I’ve always been fascinated by school uniforms,” shares Bahsen. “Historically, the Mary Jane was not just a shoe for girls. Right into the 20th century little boys wore them too. We made ours super feminine, more lady than the shoes we’ve done before, working with patchwork and hand-drawn-embroidery. I think the combination of the Charles & Keith classic shape and our touch is very beautiful.” And it certainly is. Coming in shades of black, white and a flourish of canary yellow, the shoes encapsulate the minimal elegance and feminine essence that the Cecilie Bahsen brand encapsulates so well. To make the purchase even more unique, each pair of shoes comes with dust bags stitched from leftover cuts of fabrics from previous seasons; another memento of the past becoming apparent in the present.

Too beautiful to be worn only once but special enough to save for an occasion, these shoes make for the appropriate soles to be worn on the first momentous outing out of lockdown. And with modern day school shoes on our feet, we’ll be expressing those same elated emotions in tow.

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