Pyjamas (unsurprisingly) have never been acceptable day attire, but this (surprisingly) has never reigned truer than in our home environments. It seems social media is once again playing havoc with our emotions, the feeling of  FOMO, which is often experienced through a scroll of Instagram has surfaced again, but now with a quarantine edit: pretending you have somewhere to go, when you can't go anywhere.

It doesn't take much surfing to find the #goingnowherebutfuckitimgettingdressed hashtags in the comments of an outfit pick, suggesting that a 'keep calm and carry on' approach to daily routine is the salvation that will bring us to the other side. While I won't dispute that putting on a fresh set of clothes is a quickfix mood enhancer, can't we appreciate that while we're at home for an indefinite amount of time, that this is the best – and hopefully a one-off – opportunity to delve into our sleepwear draws. We should enjoy the novelty of wearing clothes during the daytime, that we've been accustomed to wear at night, rather than bare the aforementioned guilt of not getting dressed, that social media is currently displaying.

With that in mind, below is a few sleeping treasures, whose societal and charitable efforts further enforce – if we haven't convinced you already – that they should be worn through the day, and not just at night. 

La Perla
The historic Italian company is another brand that has become part of the community that are giving personal protective equipment for the fight against COVID-19, donating 10,000 masks to Bologna, the brand's home city. Wear this gold silk set with the thought that now thousands of city workers, elderly residents and care workers will be able to go about their lives in a more protected state.

Pour Les Femmes
The brand helmed by designer Karen Fowler and actress/activist Robin Wright, have been on a mission to create socially conscious sleepwear since it was established in 2016. With every piece sold, Pour Les Femmes is able to support charitable organisations in the Congo, like Give Work, that give women opportunities to learn trades like sewing, which can earn them an income for themselves and their family. The nightdress that is as humanitarian in nature as it is comfortable.

Kilomètre Paris
Helmed by Alexandra Senes, Kilomètre Paris looks to her 20 years of travelling for design inspiration. Each shirt intends to tell a story of the destination it's inspired by, and comes with a travel guide of the chosen city, intending to bring together a community that isn't bound by borders. With each piece being expertly embroidered by craftsmen in India and Mexico, a sleep in this London nightshirt is set to produce dreams of destinations that'll excite our wanderlust yet again. 

Honourable mentions also include, this shirt and short set by Rails, and this Loup Charmant cotton set.

Shop more guilt-free pyjamas below:

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