Many jewelers have a love of numismatic things. Bulgari have been mounting ‘gemme nummarie’ into jewellery since the early 1960s and their entire Monete collection “honours antiquity” through “the artistic coins of yore”.

Coins were also at the centre of London-based Italian designer Benedetta Dubini’s 2014 collection, Empire, which featured the profiles of Alexander the Great and Nero hanging from necklaces.  For her SS19 Liberté, Egalité, Féminité collection Anissa Kermiche made her own gold coins which referenced the women of the French Revolution. And Eli Halili also makes ancient coins his specialty.

But perhaps the most influential coin-based accessories were those made by the 19th century jeweller Fortunato Pio Castellani during the archaeological revival. His specialty was recreating ancient jewellery (particularly Etruscan).

In comparison, Jacquie Aiche uses tender that is relatively modern in her jewellery. But in a world of Apple Pay and Bitcoin, why not?

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