As we all adjust to our newly conflated living/working conditions - the stream of conference call notifications and emails, general noise of children/flatmates/partners/dogs in the background, endless cups of tea and futile attempts to resist the biscuit tin - we've asked our creative friends to share with us their personal "Working From Home" spaces to share with you. Today we have the founder of luxury costume jewellery brand Sonia Petroff Maria Leoni-Sceti. So have a nosey poke around...

I'm staying sane these days by...
Having good WiFi! Staying in touch with my friends and family via WhatsApp groups, Houseparty and I’ve now discovered TikTok :) Also, online purchasing! I’m doing a little online shopping and it’s a treat to see the new pieces. I just bought 2 pair of trainers from Matches fashion and can’t wait til they arrive! 

My workspace must include the following in order for me to feel calm, creative and productive: 
A solid door which cuts me off from the noise and activities in my house, creating my little haven far from the madding crowd. Also, a window which looks out into the garden so that I can watch daily the gradual changing of the season. In this case it’s spring, so every day there is a new bush or tree blossoming into colour.

I'm staying optimistic because...
I know we will get through this tough time more united and stronger than ever for having gone through it together.  The positive attitude, sense of humour and camaraderie we have witnessed, starting with the Italians, which has spread throughout Europe and America is incredibly uplifting. 

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