At Because, we like to think of ourselves as those who see the world through rose-tinted glasses – in a figurative sense and through our fashion choices – but have never thought that by doing so, we can literally change our moods. Well, with a bit of Colour Therapy, you can. 

Loving Victorious Being, by Lars von Bennigsen, takes the age old treatment of Colour Therapy (a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colours) of electromagnetic radiant to cure diseases) and designs sunglasses with this science in mind. Mining scientific studies and research, the brand has translated from the academic to real into tinted lenses that range from a sunny clementine shade to a deep aubergine, all with the purpose of aiding our mental health and bodies as well as shielding our eyes.

The brand expands on the science that colour is frequency, and that each colour represents a different intensity and energy that impacts your brain and body via your eyes. Essentially, the colour orange can aid our brain so that we can have better sleep and a reduction of anxiety and depression, while pink can increase happiness instantly and relax your mind. Loving Victorious Being (LVB) has gone a step further, releasing five different custom tints to fit your state of mind. You can opt for ‘Purple Haze’, for a psychedelic-like experience that can transport you to a deeper state of consciousness, or ‘La Vie En Rose’; designed for you to fall in love with your everyday.

We're lusting over the ApuMa style, which was inspired by Audrey Hepburn and her timeless elegance, which clearly shines through in the femininely curved design. If the tinted doesn't (literally) bring a smile to your face, the brand's philanthropic efforts will. For every pair of sunglasses sold, a tree is planted in the Amazon rainforest, part of their 'Gardens of Life' project. Need we say more? Pick up a pair and start to the world in a whole new palette.

Shop the sunglasses here, and if you want to find out more information about LVB’s Colour Therapy and what it can do for you, visit here.

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