Lockdown may not have ceased, but our patience with confinement is starting to. Bored with our continuous surroundings, finding inspiration and motivation seems to be harder than ever when our days involve trivial tasks. Indulging in a book with a cup of tea, or cooking dinner while listening to a podcast is a momentary way of spicing up your day to day, but why not look to the app we love to shun; Instagram. 

Endless scrolls through the social media app may uncover content counterproductive towards our intentions, but with some repurposing and intention at play, we can use it to find the bouts of inspiration unaccessible within our homes. We've asked some creative minds to share the IG's they're liking during lockdown, this week we have the founder of her eponymous accessories brand, Tyler Ellis.

As the daughter of the late American fashion designer, Perry Ellis, his legacy has been a paramount influence on the becoming of the business women and designer she is today. To commemorate his passing from AIDs over 30 years ago this week, Tyler has shared some of her other inspirations found on her feed, that bring joy and creativity which Perry did so well.

Whose Instagram do you go to...

If you’re in need of a mood boost?
Eduardo Serio, the founder of Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, rescues large cats from circuses, breeders and zoos and raises them like his own children.  The mutual love and admiration he and the animals have for each other is unbelievable to watch.  If you have a minute or two, check it out.  I promise you will leave with a smile!


If you’re in need of some creative stimulation?
Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and I get most of my design inspiration from it.  At this moment in time, travel has halted, but Luxury World Traveler’s Instagram allows me to escape for a brief moment into places I could only dream about.  They highlight some of the most beautiful properties and locations I have never even heard of. My list of future destinations is growing by the day!


If you want some innovative fashion content?
Threads Instagram is built on unique accessories you will absolutely lust after!  They do a remarkable job of curating rare pieces that appeal to the true luxury market.  From Hermes to Patek Philippe, its eye-candy for days!


If you’re in need of a laugh?
The Royal Family is one of the most powerful and beloved families in the world, so poking a little fun is to be expected and Gary Janetti nails it!  He speaks as the voice of young Prince George and has a particular, shall we say, infatuation with a new member of the family.  Some of the most hilarious content I have seen in a while.  


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