Lockdown may not have ceased, but our patience with confinement is starting to. Bored with our continuous surroundings, finding inspiration and motivation seems to be harder than ever when our days involve trivial tasks. Indulging in a book with a cup of tea, or cooking dinner while listening to a podcast is a momentary way of spicing up your day to day, but why not look to the app we love to shun; Instagram. 

Endless scrolls through the social media app may uncover content counterproductive towards our intentions, but with some repurposing and intention at play, we can use it to find the bouts of inspiration unaccessible within our homes. We've asked some creative minds to share the IG's they're liking during lockdown, this week we have the co-founder of the linen label, arkitaip, Lea Wieser.

Whose Instagram do you go to...

If you're in need of a mood boost?
Definitely Poolside FM. Their selection of vintage-feel-good-Americana-images makes even a grey day feel like summer. And I can't stop listening to their online radio that takes you on a virtual vacation and transports you back to the summer of 1997, playing an 'infinity pool of summer sounds'. Plus, their website is simply cool, taking its inspiration from the late 1990's Apple desktop. 


If you're in need of some creative stimulation?
I'm obsessed with Atelier Vime, a French design studio based in Vallabrègues in the South of France that, to me, is an homage to nostalgia. At first, I simply enjoyed scrolling through the images of the most beautiful Provencal-style-house with all its rattan furniture, high ceilings, and muted colours that is home to the studio. When I learned that Atelier Vime's founders, Anthony Watson and Benoit Rauzy, have made it their mission to preserve the craftsmanship of wicker basket weaving that is local to the region, they had me – I love the idea of combining old traditions and timelessness with a fresh mentality. 


If you want some innovative fashion content? 
My go-to-source is Stories Behind Things, a storytelling platform that celebrates mindful consumption. Apart from their regular clothing swaps which they host in London, I love their 'Snews' – their funny abbreviation for 'Sustainable News'.


I'm also a big fan of Rêve En Vert and their inspirational and informative Instagram-stories. Oh, and you have to listen to their podcast REV on air, where Rêve En Vert's founder Cora Hilts speaks to inspiring personalities from the world of sustainability. 

If you're in need of a laugh?
BeigeCardigan when you're in need of a quick laugh. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a good meme?


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