Lockdown may not have ceased, but our patience with confinement is starting to. Bored with our continuous surroundings, finding inspiration and motivation seems to be harder than ever when our days involve trivial tasks. Indulging in a book with a cup of tea, or cooking dinner while listening to a podcast is a momentary way of spicing up your day to day, but why not look to the app we love to shun; Instagram. 

Endless scrolls through the social media app may uncover content counterproductive towards our intentions, but with some repurposing and intention at play, we can use it to find the bouts of inspiration unaccessible within our homes. We've asked some creative minds to share the IG's they're liking during lockdown, starting with the Co-founder, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer of aeydē, Luisa Dames.

Whose Instagram do you go to...

If you're in need of a mood boost?
At the moment I am a big fan of Camille Charriere’s new IG TV format 'The Quaranteenies': it’s pure fashion goofiness and exactly the portion of mood boost you need after a long day of video meetings. We have been working with Camille since the very beginning of aeydē and I am an admirer of her style, humour and strong attitude.

If you're in need of some creative stimulation?

Furniture Archive is my go-to IG channel for inspiration as I am re-designing our living room. I enjoy furniture magazines and blogs in general: everything with a curated selection of vintage pieces from Bauhaus to Mid Century. I simply love the classics, their longevity, clear design language and unique approach to materials. I adore this one picture 'Armchair in unfinished birch plywood by Ernö Goldfinger from 1937' – an outstanding piece of design that inspires me a lot.

If you want some innovative fashion content?
I enjoy the platform Future Tech Lab a lot: they do a really good job of collecting relevant news from big news companies and mixing it with the latest developments from innovative companies or NGOs.  When it comes to innovation, I specifically interested in business models or retail innovation – I think there is so much more possible, from new platforms to tools and distribution ways.

If you're in need of a laugh?
That is an easy one! Definitely the New Yorker Magazine and their subpage New Yorker Magazine Cartoons – their illustrations and captions are always on point, catch the zeitgeist and reveal so much wit and humour. Insanely funny!

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