What... Hums & Other Stories Slippers

Why... Because they make a wonderful gift for your loved ones, or yourself!

The footwear choice du jour? Yes, you guessed it: slippers. As we've spent the last few weeks staying in in rather than going out out, our footwear favourites have swapped from those suitable for en plein air to styles that make the five step commute from bed to make-shift office all the more comfortable. No longer a guilty pleasure reserved for the elderly, our at-home outfits are proudly adorned with the soft shoe; as they protect our feet from the cold and chaos of the outside world. And with Christmas now only a stones through away, it's a timely opportunity to declare our predilection for slippers with our loved ones, through Xmas gifts.

As can be imagined during this time of year, the market is filled to the brim with stylish slip-on soles, but we've made a beeline for Hums & Other Stories Co-lab for their cosy and quaint design. The two Scandi brands have combined & Other Stories' accessibility with Hums' shoe-making know-how – the Stockholm-based company are responsible for making slippers stylish again – to create a capsule of four styles that give a fresh face to the genre. Whether you prefer a backless heel or an all encompassing (read: all en-cosy-ing) pump, the choice is there, presented through a set of designs that are equally gorgeous. And with the Swedes at the helm, there's no doubt your feet will be anything less than snug.

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