Plato first said that necessity is the mother of invention, and he wasn't wrong. Now in our eighth week of working from home, the Because team have been discussing the things that keep us sane and optimistic in these uncertain days. As a platform for sharing the things you should care about, we've wondered how we do that in a light-hearted way.

We all agree that what keeps us happy, makes us cheerful and fosters our dreams is in fact the act of celebrating desirable things made by creative people – objects we could happily treasure – and sharing the manifestations of ideas that become reality.

So as we are taking care in our homes, we bring you our newest feature, Fantasy Wardrobes, shot at home and, with a little digital magic, layered with some of our favourite pieces we've found online. So with a bit of invention and a lot of necessity, we hope to show that the online world is our oyster and do Plato proud.

Caroline Issa, Editor-In-Chief
As we live these days with the things we've bought over the years, and pull out old faves or re-wear new ones, it's so fascinating to start to truly comprehend what the most long lasting, hardwearing and classic of pieces we attach love and sentimentality to. My Grandmother's jade necklace has come out, or rediscovering the joy of my Dior Couture Spring 2012 necklace that was hidden at the back of my closet for 'archive'.  Classic pieces are forever, and I have appreciated that notion now more than ever. So a Cartier Tank watch, something I've always wanted ever since I started at Tank will be an investment I will make one of these days, knowing that it will be something I treasure and use to remind me of the precious seconds, minutes and hours we have to experience what life is all about.

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor
If I'd known at the start of lockdown that the following two months will feel both like an eternity and no time at all, I would've forced myself to wear a watch daily. The sturdy gold and steel strap of this Gucci watch would have grounded me within the current day – doesn't everyday feel like one big one now? – and a quick glance at the clock-face would be a needed reminder that, despite it not feeling so, we're getting closer to the end of this one second at a time. 

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-Ordinator
On the first night of lockdown, I undid my watch strap, set it aside and it's been sitting prettily on my bedside table ever since. I used to wear my watch like a pair of simple stud earrings that are never taken off but now that time has been warped, flipped, slowed down and what have you, a quick glance at my phone has sufficed. So, until we return to normal times, I'll just keep dreaming of wearing this beautiful Gucci watch for when I'm back on the go. 

Delia Wagner, Publishing Assistant
Admittedly, this might be a bit of a stereotype I am living up to, but being born and raised in Switzerland a beautiful and well made watch will forever hold a different place in my heart to any other materialistic possession. I grew up admiring my father's watch collection, astonished by the craftsmanship that goes into every single timepiece. To me, a watch does more than tell the time – it tells a story. My Mother still wears the vintage Ebel she got from my Dad on the day my brother was born. One of my all time favourite brands has always been Cartier; oozing understated elegance. Although for now the Panthere on my wrist is only a Fantasy, it's one I like to daydream about regularly.

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