First impressions of this article title may suggest that this edit will contain 70s platforms (for the disco divas) trainers (for the all-night raver) or a stiletto (for the songs you say soberly that ‘I won’t dance to’ at a wedding), but alas, none of those categories will be found here. Those dancing shoes – whose comfort levels will determine how long you’re out out for – are a product of a pre-Corona time and no longer sit within day-to-day lives (sigh). So to compensate for that longing, we’ve curated an edit of fashion flats that’ll get your feet flexing.

Inspired by the people that get to groove for a living, these shoes are stylised versions of what ballerina’s and jazz dancer's don upon their feet, and upon wearing, we’re expecting to obtain the same elegant ambience. Pirouette your way to your local supermarket or plié as you lower down to your picnic blanket; embrace a new form of dance within your new normal life!

If you’ve once adorned ballet flats in a dance setting – repressed memories of childhood ballet classes and that cruel-to-be-kind teacher are emerging – you’ll know that these feel more like a sturdy slipper than shoe upon wearing. As the former has had far too much appreciation during lockdown, we’re appreciating this Loeffler Randall golden style for being just as comfortable but acceptable to wear outdoors. 

Jazz. For a dance that is as exuberant in performance as the word is in meaning, the accompanying shoes are not. Similar to the aforementioned ballet pump, it’s soft leather exterior makes it a malleable and cosy shoe, but as it's usually painted in the not-so-lively colour of black, it’s in need of an update. These Martiniano lace-ups come in an adorable blush pink; akin to a Côtes de Provence rosé, its felicitous colour is made for the summer season. Paired with a summer midi dress, this outfit reads: you’re ready to participate in a flash mob and picnic in your local park, whichever is up to you.

A controversial choice that caused us to do the hokey-pokey deciding whether to feature, are these Midnight 00 slingbacks. For context, this shoe is representing the Latin dance category, and upon research there were several checkpoints the chosen shoe would have to comply with. Firstly, it must have a heel, however it can not be more than a couple of inches in height – a broken ankle would ruin the routine. Secondly, it must secure ones foot in a sleek and feminine manner, meaning a slingback – where those adjectives are featured within their dictionary definition – makes a suitable suitor. And finally, what will set them apart from any other heel along your shoe rack, is their satin finish. Push your wedding shoe connotations aside, as after much visual analysis of Latino dance stars, it’s been proven that a satin style is superior. It's got our vote.

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