What… an Alighieri x TL180 bag

Why… Because this combination of Italian finesse makes for a lifetime of love

As strong believers that two minds are better than one, as the age-old adage goes, nothing tickles our tastemaker taste buds more than a combination of clothing connoisseurs. And when we heard the news of accessory aficionados Alighieri and TL180 coming together to create a capsule collection, we were exclaiming “bellissimo!” from the top of our lungs!

Named The Tale of the Fazzoletto after taking inspiration from two cantos that are housed in Divina Commedia, the capsule consists of six bags that work as an accessory as well as a piece of jewellery. A two-in-one entity, the talismanic straps – that have been designed by the jeweller whose known for combining literature with luxury, Rosh Mantani of Alighieri – can be worn as a necklace or twisted around the wrist, separating the TL180 sartorial sacks for whatever you desire.

Shining a light on Dante’s excellence – which seems natural for two brands that are steeped in Italian heritage – the leather vessels are modelled on the emblematic pouches worn on Usurers, who Dante and his guide Virgil, find when descending into the eighth circle of Hell. Continuing their pilgrimage through Inferno they notice the brightness of the stars, and it’s this balance of darkness and beauty that is prevalent within the collection. While it’s unlikely they’ll be worn for many journey’s in the near future, you can trust that it’ll be your humble companion when we do.

Shop the collection here.

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