What… The Tall Story bag in Crimson by Alexander McQueen

Why… Because the sequel is on par with the first.

It's rare to find a sequel that is as loved, or even more so, than the first. Within literature and films, it's become a common conception the second iteration of a series can never quite live up to the first, with just a few exceptions having slipped through the cracks. However, the next chapter of the Story bag by Alexander McQueen has proven that the next in line can also be the best.

You may have read up on the Story bag when it was first released last year, and if you, like us, fell in love with it's multifaceted handle options – we were in adoration of the pop of pink this Fuschia style added to our outfits – you'll be pleased to learn of it's next in line. The Tall Story, which as the name suggests, is the taller of the Story bag sisters, is the newest addition to the McQueen family, and is here to serve all of your essential needs. Large enough to fit your laptop in yet sleek enough to be seen with, the Tall Story will make a suitable companion on your (post-lockdown) commute. In the meantime, use it as your 'popping-to-the-shop' tote bag, and appreciate how it can easily fit within your day to day life.

But the pièce de résistance? Much like it's older sibling, the Tall Story has been designed with multiple ways of wearing. For when you're busy and on the go, throw it under your shoulder with the use of it's longer leather straps, or hold it by the jewellery-inspired top handle for those days where you're feeling dainty. From the positive reception of this bag, having a five star review for it's styling solutions and stacks of storage, we're intrigued what could happen next with the Story.

Shop The Tall Story Alexander McQueen bag below:

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