What… a Gül Hürgel necklace

Why… because its protective energy will keep you safe AND stylish

The Turkish-born designer Gül Hürgel has quietly grown a large following of women. Founded in 2015 her eponymous label is best known for lightweight, flounced dresses in pretty cottons and flourished detailing, the perfect resort and holiday wear for those who like to pack light. Hürgel herself is inspired through her love of travel and by observation of her surroundings in Istanbul, where she is based.  

Her new foray into jewellery is equally inspired by her hometown. 'Evil eye’ beads are found across the shores of the Mediterranean and Arab peninsula, a ubiquitous sight. The evil eye, ‘Nazar’, comes from the Arabic word nazara meaning to look, or to compare. Legend has it that wearing an evil eye shields the wearer from all negative thoughts and emotions, protecting them from bad luck, sickness and conflict.

Gül's atelier handcrafts the chunky blue glass beads in her studio, making each necklace unique and the perfect prompt to recollect azure seas and long hot summers. They can be worn layered and will surely, no doubt, help protect the wearer and emit good vibes. A necklace that does more than just look good...

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