Mongolian knitwear designer, Mandkhai Jargalsaikhan, founded her eponymous brand with one goal: To share the unique craftsmanship of her native cashmere industry with the world.

Born to entrepreneurial textile factory owners, Mandkhai uses her personal experiences of the traditional craft to produce truly innovative pieces that challenge our perceptions of cashmere. Underpinned by her sustainable approach, the brand’s supply chain is unbelievably transparent – from the free-roaming goats on the plains of Mongolia, through to the dyeing process and creation of yarn, to the making of the garment in the brand’s very own factory.

Keen to keep her namesake at the core of the brand’s ethos (after all, Mandkhai appropriately means ‘to rise above’ in Mongolian), her humble journey to global success proudly celebrates her heritage while producing the finest quality contemporary knitwear.

“I am not a morning person but I am trying hard to become one - I wake up around 7-8 am and meditate for a few minutes before I start my day. I really enjoy the morning quietness.”

“I like that my studio is pretty central so that we always have clients and friends stopping by. We are always playing with different knit patterns and techniques. Our studio is overflowing with all sorts of cashmere pieces like this mini jumper and mini lavender cushions that we made.”


“All of my collections are a continuous story going through different journeys. For Autumn/Winter 2019, I was inspired by a trip I took to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming - the Western influence of this collection comes from there. I also loved the colour palette of the nature there, which was similar to the nature in my home country Mongolia.”

“I do what I do because I believe in the hard work and craftsmanship of our ladies at our factory, and because I love cashmere which I believe is nature's gift to us. I want to share this gift with the rest of the world.”

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