Translating to 'strength and beauty' from Danish origin,TOVE is the apt name given to newbie womenswear brand on the London circuit, for it's the epitome of all that the brand – headed up by silk enthusiasts, Camille Perry and Holly Wright – stand for.

Arriving as an “advancement of contemporary British womenswear,” the brand is a product of two women who know the fashion biz’ inside outboth Topshop alumni, Camille was Head of Buying for the behemoth, while Holly was Head of Design. The result? A curated and streamlined, languid range that celebrates the female form.

Their debut collection of woven fabrics – produced in limited qualities in Asia and taking a direct-to-consumer approach – is a complementary offering of muted and subtle tones across slip dresses, blouses and flowing trousers. Each garment designed to work across myriad contexts – think brunch onto an afternoon frolicking in the park with dinner and drinks on the horizon. Meanwhile, in a bid to reduce waste, all packing is biodegradable and recycled

Excited about the future of Camille and Holly's vision and what they're up to at the moment, we touched on morning routines, inspirations and music love affairs with the duo. 

“We got up early this week to scout for shoot locations. This picture was taken in Richmond park – it’s such a beautiful and wild sprawling park. We are lucky enough to work remotely at the moment, but we do live on opposite sides of London so we often meet centrally two or three days a week for various meetings and appointments. We both also have two children so our mornings always begin with school or nursery drop-offs.”

Our first season was all about establishing who the TOVE girl is. We work very instinctively – and inspiration was drawn from the spirit of who she was rather than academic sources. We wanted her to feel confident and effortless. We also love colour so finding the perfect tones is always a big focus for us.”

“Our 'studio' is both of our homes. We are always shooting social content at one of our houses or holding fittings, meetings and castings. We work with some wonderful people who also do the same, so we are always in and out of each others homes. It's great to have the freedom to not be tied to one place even though eventually we will move to a studio, but for now it's lovely to be able to work remotely. Music-wise, we are listening to Jorja Smith – we are very in love with her!”

“We do what we do because this is what we love doing and this is what we are good at! We’ve spent many years working hard to get to this point and we're excited about the future of TOVE.

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