Sequins, feathers, satin and exquisite tailoring… Marco Capaldo and Federica “Kikka” Cavenati prove that, when it comes to an outfit, you really can have it all. 

Meeting whilst studying in London, the pair have since been on a mission to break down barriers in fashion. 

Their brand, 16ARLINGTON is the intersection between the designers' juxtaposing yet oh-so-complimentary visions: Kikka’s chic, Scandi minimalism and Marco’s "magpie-like" tendencies towards sartorial extravagance. The result? Studio 54 glamour meets exceptional tailoring. 

With the brand’s success reaching lofty new heights with every passing day, now – as they make their debut on the On-Schedule stage at London Fashion Week – we’re meeting the duo to learn precisely how they’ve done it.

The party awaits; make your way there in 16ARLINGTON:

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