Though cinema icon Marlene Dietrich once dismissed fashion as being a ‘bore’, there's no doubt her eye for sharp tailoring is anything but dull!

Often paired with a crisp white shirt and tilted top hat – as she is seen in the (infinitely referenced) 1930 film Morocco – Marlene’s appreciation for fine, clean tailoring is quite easily one of the most recognisable and #iconique looks in modern fashion history.

A trailblazer by definition, despite fashion's penchant du jour for melding mens and womenswear – from a design perspective and when it comes to the on-schedule shows – Marlene was a century ahead of the curve, blurring the lines of gendered clothing since the 1920’s... In her own words "I am, at heart, a gentleman".

To make like the #icon, maintain the all-black classic with Tbisli-based MATÉRIEL’s suiting; the high-wasted wool-cut trousers will nip you in at the waist, while have the blazer to thank for fashioning an hourglass silhouette. Elsewhere, demo your nous for colour with Bella Freud's 'lotus' green blazer and trousers, which, following suit from Marlene, too pinch cues from the boys – (the suiting is David Bowie-inspired). Featuring padded power shoulders and slouchy trousers, consider the look your fast-track ticket to nonchalant cool... We like to think Marlene herself would enthuse: "Das ist sehr schön!". 

Sharpen your tailoring game with looks fit for a modern day Marlene:

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