In the short period of time Paul Andrew has taken the creative reigns at storied Ferragamo, we've been moved by the symphonic colours, beautifully crafted clothes and, most importantly, his ability to bring joy to fashion to the point of dancing a little jig. 

We need more joy.  And Ferragamo’s 2019 holiday campaign brings us lots of it. Starring models-of-the-moment Alton Mason, Natalia Bulycheva, Imari Karanja and Liam Kelly, Andrew enlisted choreographer Stephen Galloway to create a swirling fête of clean lines and rhinestoned eyes. You can't help but tap your toes and want to join in the frenzy. Especially in those aquamarine, suede Marilyn pumps!

It is the idea of ‘dress’ not as a noun but rather as verb ‘to dress’ that is reflected in the new campaign. The movement in the interface between the wearer, their body and dance, showcasing what Andrew does best: make clothes to live and move and dance in.

“We wanted to emphasize the joy generated by inhabiting garments that affords a full, free range of effortless movement and there’s no better platform for that than dance," Andrew shares through the press release. And dance shows off the collection's silky smooth leathers, cinched waists and brightly coloured accented accessories that punctuate the sharply tailored classics.

We've fallen in love with the crystal pump shoe - a Hollywood throwback of glamour we need today, and the Trifolio bags in sunshine yellow and blush pink.

Of course, they are beautiful things, but they are beautiful things in action. There is a singular joy produced by wearing sequinned heels and dancing unabashedly, something Paul Andrew and his campaign team know all too well and we are gratefully reminded.