Since relocating to London from his native Seoul and launching his lauded brand in 2009, Eudon Choi has been a favourite fixture on the London Fashion Week circuit. 

Inspired by art and architecture he brings a unique energy and perspective to women's wardrobes, with his eye for deconstruction and the surreal. His most recent AW19 show treated us to a colour palette in tones of orange, green and peacock blue across his signature tailored and reworked masculine shapes. 

Intellectual design is Choi’s forte. And his ability to create unique forms makes for pieces with boundless styling potential – we're thinking of his clever jacket-turned-cape number, by a simple reworking of button placement.

What's the mantra you tell yourself first thing in the morning?
Lets do this! I think that you need to wake up with a good attitude. I take on each day and the challenges that it throws me with a positive perspective. I like to treat each day as a fresh start.

How do you take your coffee?
I like an oat flat white or, if I am making it at home, I favour a French press with a splash of oat milk.

If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing instead?
My father and late grandfather were both dentists. So if I wasn't a fashion designer I probably would have become a dentist. I also love the idea of being an interior designer as I don't know how well I would cope looking into people’s mouths all day!

If you could only keep one outfit in your wardrobe, which would it be?
The practical side of me says that if I was to only keep one outfit in my wardrobe it should be staple items which I can wear forever. What comes to mind is my navy Celine cashmere jumper, navy Jil Sander coat (with very light padding), white Comme shirt and navy Dries Van Noten wide leg wool trouser.

The other side of me wants to keep pieces that I don't wear very often but I love very much. These would include my Balenciaga aviator jacket by Nicolas Ghesquiere, paired with Gucci wide leg heavy twill trouser by Tom Ford, and a YSL black Aran Knit scarf.

Who's one person you'd love to have dinner with and why?
The thought of having dinner with someone famous that I have never met gives a little anxiety, although I really love Michelle Obama! I love her strength and I think that we would be able to have some great conversations and a lot of laughs over dinner as she seems quite down to earth.

What's the main thing you would like to achieve this year and why?
I am making a conscious effort to obtain a better work life balance. Last year was a crazy busy year for me with the business and moving to a new house –  I hardly took any time off. This year I am forcing myself to take some time off to relax and am travelling to both Mexico and Australia.

Who would you want to record your audio autobiography, voice-wise?
I think that I would choose Noel Fielding to record my audio book. He is so much fun and I am a big fan of The Great British Bake Off. I would want my autobiography to be light-hearted and I feel that he would be the perfect man for the job.

Why did you end up doing what you do?
I first fell in love with clothing when I was teenager. My grandmother used to have a small fashion business back in the day, so I grew up with a very fashionable grandmother. She was my biggest influence and inspiration to pursue a career in the fashion industry. I love the creativity involved in fashion, but I feel the greatest reward is seeing women wearing our clothes and the confidence that they bring.

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