Season after season, run after run, there are those pieces and products that brands stay true to because they're Classics. Classics in that they're inimitable best-selling products with legions of loyal followers (us included!), who keep coming back for more. Each week, we'll be shouting about these heroes and what it is we love about them... 

Going steady for over a century, with the first prototype presented to the American General Pershing in 1917, Cartier's 'Tank' timepieces are the poster products for 'standing the test of time'.

In seven iterations – including the 'Tank Américaine', which features an elongated case with a more pronounced curve; the 'TANK MC', inspired by strong square dimensions for a definitively masculine edge; the 'Tank Française', which popped up as the brand marked 100 years in 2017 with an updated metal linked bracelet – the styles in their nuances have been a cornerstone to the brand's identity. 

Complete with a streamlined stainless steel strap, the latter, Tank Française is the style that's etched a special place in our hearts. With its French architecture-inspired square face and signature blue steel hands, the Swiss-made timepiece is a dynamic accessory fit for dynamic women alike. 

Streamlined and chic, its allure is timeless...

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