It all started with the glinting blues. Taking a handful of gemstones from the table at Monica Vinader’s Norfolk-based design studio, I think we all knew what our collaboration collection would look like... 

Aquamarine, kyanite, pink quartz, citrine, amethyst – these are just some of the juiciest, most raw-edged gemstones we worked with and chose together, hanging them from necklaces, cocktail earrings and bracelets. All were designed in a way that their vibrant energy could be felt in addition to their organic beauty.

When Monica asked me to design some jewellery with her I immediately said yes. In addition to admiring how she’s grown a values-based business – centred around women and making them feel empowered through buying jewellery for themselves, along with the incredible bespoke nature of value prices jewellery – I thought this was my chance to create something with her and her team that I also wanted to wear and keep forever.

I got to visit Jaipur, India, in the spring with Monica to see how my jewellery collection was made and who by. I was astounded to learn that every link from the necklaces and bracelets are polished by hand and that such craftsmanship and expertise goes into making sure the gemstones and chains are perfect. India, in itself, is inspiring for its colours – and we found it to be the perfect backdrop for the collection images shot by Harry Cory-Wright. 

It’s been a wonderful gift to be able to express myself through jewellery and I've found that I wear the pieces every day. I hope that others will be able to keep these pieces close to their hearts and souls, enjoying the reminder that life should be colourful, just like I do.

And so, our capsule collection launches this week worldwide on, Net-a-Porter, Selfridges, Liberty London and Nordstrom, offering beautiful gemstones that remind us of the beauty that lies in nature.

Take note from Caroline and Monica and embrace the colours of the rainbow:

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