For the past 12 years, style aficionados have, in their droves, made the pilgrimage to the King’s Road’s most famous retail resident: The Shop at Bluebird.

Owned by the Jigsaw group, its reputation as a considered sartorial edit in the heartland of Chelsea catapulted it into a go-to destination for locals and tourists alike – all united by a love and hankering for beautiful fashion.

This week sees The Shop at Bluebird ‘fly the nest’ to a new and sprawling location in Covent Garden’s storied Carriage Hall. Spanning three floors and 15,000 square feet in the 19th Century Grade II-listed address, Floral Street’s newest name-to-know echoes the curated concept and artful tone of its previous incarnation, and multiplies it ten-fold.

In the midst of preparing for its (official) launch this evening, Buying Director and Head of The Shop at Bluebird, Claire Miles, gave us her insight into the growth of London’s legendary boutique.