Consider how dreary one's diet would be without a pinch of seasoning...

A similar logic can be applied to our sartorial platters; because, while out-and-out palette-cleansing minimalism has its place, often the most effective iterations counterbalance a blank canvas with peppering of flavoursome accessories.

Don’t believe me? Rejina Pyo is a case in point, where the simple sweep of an ecru linen number is undeniably and instantaneously bolstered by a considered smattering of architectural accompaniments. Far be it from me to dictate your brainwaves, but if you remember one thing today, let it be how damnedly delicious the Korean-born designer's sculptural arm candy and work-of-art walkies truly are. That’s to say nothing of their transformative powers when allowed to take centre stage.

Arguably, this season as a whole we've witnessed a seismic shift in the billing of accessories . Gone are the days that totes and toe-trophies played second fiddle to your ready-to-wear; the status quo has morphed, giving rise to the culture of ‘It’ bags and ‘Wait-List’ shoes… And it’s got my tastebuds tingling!

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