With a moniker like Pour Les Femmes, one may assume that the so-named loungewear label was created specifically 'for the women' who lay crotchety, cantankerous and, pivotally, AWAKE at 3am in their sweatbox of a bedroom; 'for the women' who, shamelessly, employ their semi-unconscious boyfriends to hold the table fan above their heads, because his, “annoyingly broad back is basically a draft excluder, and it’s like you want me to suffer or something!” (Or, y’know, so I’d imagine…)

One would assume all of this, because Pour Les Femmes’ vintage-inspired pyjamas and nightdresses are made from breathable natural fibres (the twinset that I’m currently coveting is cut from 100% cotton, but there are also several linen iterations that are similarly and ridiculously appealing), which promise to give your skin some sweet relief from the sweltering conditions that we’re facing on a nightly basis at the moment.

Well, to some extent, you’d be right... As well as doing all of the above – which, on the surface, is all you can ever really ask from your PJsRobin Wright (yes, that Robin Wright) and Karen Fowler’s loungewear endeavour is also for the women who produce each and every piece. Supporting Action Kivu, a Congo-based charity, the brand has funnelled funding into sewing workshops and entrepreneurial programmes that empower women in vulnerable areas to learn a trade and so enable them to work and provide for both themselves and their communities.

Add that to the list of reasons why Pour Les Femmes will help me to sleep a little sounder.

Abigail wears Emma off-the-shoulder blouse by Staud.

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