In life, there are certain inalienable truths: That Christmas rears its tinsel-bedecked head earlier each and every year is just one of them! While navigating the labyrinth of party dressing is tricky at the best of times, the festive season presents an entirely different ball game. It takes a strong sartorial constitution to maintain one's cool – and Petar Petrov is an expert. 

With a recipe of power suits, floaty frocks, and a heady palette of metallics and jewel tones now his signature, Vienna-based Petar is first on our speed dial as the winter months approach. So, on the advent of his capsule collection with The Modist, we jumped at the chance to quiz him – alongside Sasha Sarokin, the site's Buying and Fashion Director – with the season's most pressing questions...

What are the rules for party dressing?
 The only two rules that I follow are to respect the weather, and the dress code set by the host.  Thereafter, I’ll adjust my tone based on what feels right. It could be subdued and chic or festive and extrovert. (If I find myself in the same look as a guest, I’d rather celebrate the coincidence and compliment her style!) The leopard-print fil coupé dress in purple definitely ticks the ‘smart casual’ box.

So, what does 'festive party dressing' look like?
 We love girls that dress up – that’s also one of the reasons why we love The Modist! Every single piece we made for the capsule is the perfect choice for an impressive appearance. I love metallics as they’re a great way to make a statement at a party and get you in the mood; the fuchsia jacquard tailored suit achieves an opulent statement within a party environment, however it still has an elegant look. 

Sasha: For me, the lurex suit is the perfect functional party outfit, allowing easy and free movement, whilst keeping a smart mood.

What is your recipe for throwing a successful night?
I’m all about creating a great atmosphere – an interesting mix of people, a soundtrack that gives the space energy, and a signature pre-made cocktail of the evening. Then, let the guests do the rest! I anticipate details that people will have in common. Perhaps they’re in a similar industry, or have lived in the same city in the past.  I’ll introduce them so that they can kick off a conversation – many a friendship has started this way!

Petar: I don’t think a good party is about the food and the wine, this is more like a dinner to remember. I think it is more about the company and the guests. A good party should be fun; you need great music and there should be always a surprise.

How do you go about ending a party, y’know, politely?
Oh, yes... This is a hard one. I find that switching the music off helps most of the time!

Party in style! Click here to visit The Modist or shop the Petar Petrov exclusive capsule collection here:

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