XXL earrings are as much of a ubiquity in our wardrobes nowadays as, say, a trusty pair of 'Granny' pants... We wouldn't want to imagine a world without them!

Between the tropical twosomes that tickle our fancy for poolside posing (just point us in the direction of the nearest lido!) to the sculptural, are-they-actually-art-though? pairings that make parading around the office look like a performance installation

For us, the final days of summer spell out a need for something to match the 24-karat mornings and gloriously mellow warmth of sundown hour; in a nutshell, we're letting our Golden Girls fantasies run riot across our lobes, unashamedly being our best bling-y selves with the favoured metal of the moment.

Nothing boasts the zero-effort-maximum-impact capabilities of a good gilded earring, and that's before we even mention the spectacularly statement silhouettes that the likes of Alighieri, Aurélie BidermannOrit Elhanati and more are furnishing our faces with... 

Commit 100% to the Midas touch, and shine as bright as the sun with our edit of the best:

In case you missed it, watch Alighieri's Rosh Mahtani tell the story of Dante's Lion