Returning for its 13th year with ‘The Summer of Love’ – a theme inspired by the Royal Wedding and the cultural revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s – Chelsea’s annual floral art show, Chelsea in Bloom, is celebrating flower power in a big way.

Along with a Blossom Posy Masterclass at Jo Malone London, a posy-making event with Monica Vinader and The Flower Appreciation Society, and a shopping event hosted by rag & bone to benefit the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, REDValentino is leading the way in joyous happenings with a 100-piece Limited Edition T-shirt collaboration with illustrator and printmaker, Ollie St. Clair Terry.

To learn more about the bloomin’ beautiful partnership, and revel in all things ‘Summer of Love’, we spoke to Ollie about the traditional technique he favours…

How important do you think it is to keep traditional techniques, such as your signature relief printing, alive today?
Techniques like relief printing have a story to them; each print is different, whether it’s the colour of the ink, the registration of the blocks, or the type of paper used. These stories give the artwork a greater meaning as you can see the effort that has gone into them with each unique mark. 

I was in my first year at university when I discovered the true enjoyment of relief printing. There are so many outcomes from just one lino or woodblock, and I fell in love with the experimentation. I also enjoyed carving each block, as (and this is still true now) to me, the designs felt much more accomplished knowing the journey and physical effort I had put into each one. 

The Chelsea in Bloom theme of ‘Summer of Love’ seems to pull on numerous nostalgic references – almost through rose- (pun intended) tinted glasses.
It’s better to look back at a period and celebrate the moments that make us happy, as opposed to dwelling on the hardships of the time – that’s why, in the piece with REDValentino, I included the butterfly. In many cultures it symbolises love, life, change and transformation, which well represents what the ‘hippy’ culture stood for at the time. Working in collaboration with REDValentino has been incredible. My work is based on my own take on flora and fauna, and I usually print with bright and bold colours. To have a brief which ticked these boxes was a dream!

What does summer mean to you?
For me, summer means love, friendship and exploration. It’s a brighter time, both in weather and atmosphere; it’s a time to be shared with friends and loved ones, and to forget the negative things in life and to revel in the celebrations of the present.

The REDValentino x Ollie St. Clair Terry Limited Edition T-shirt is available to buy exclusively at the Sloane Street store; click here to find out more about Chelsea In Bloom. Plus, put petal to metal and look the part with our edit of floral fashion: