“I would like to think that I design clothes that are grounded in reality,” explains Catherine Quin, designer doyenne of considered minimalism, and mastermind of the celebrated Women of Purpose capsule collection and photographic series. “Working in the corporate world showed me that what I wore could affect my confidence in that environment; long hours meant that style couldn’t come at the price of comfort, and neither could my mornings be spent fretting about my outfit.

Despite making the transition from her ‘former life’ as a lawyer to a womenswear designer some time ago (part-time fashion courses at Central Saint Martin’s were a stone’s throw and “moment of serendipity” away from her law practice, and a siren call for any budding creative), Catherine’s pragmatic approach to dress – inherited in her previous career – is an attitude that continues to guide her aesthetic today. “In an age where we are so confronted with varying demands, I wanted to provide a solution for decision fatigue by creating garments that women can feel comfortable and confident in, without sacrificing their sense of elegance.”

Hikari Yokoyama is a Woman of Purpose.

It’s this professional woman, complete with her considered and quiet confidence, that plays muse to Catherine in her latest Women of Purpose capsule and series; its mantra being, to redefine the premise of an It girl, presenting new role models who are celebrated for their contribution and achievement, who forge “a personal path with intelligence and strength, and whose determination to succeed is rooted in a desire more meaningful than wealth,” describes Catherine.

For Quin, this translates to an extraordinary casting in a capsule campaign that sees actress, Freida Pinto, alongside campaigner and model Nyasha Matonhodze, Caroline Lever, Director of Culture for the Editions Hotel Group, and more leading lights from around the globe.

As well as a captivating campaign, Catherine has also championed her capsule’s philanthropic message via a partnership with Women for Women International – a charity that works with the fashion and beauty industries alike – to support vulnerable women in the world’s most dangerous environments. Donating 25% of all profits from the Women of Purpose capsule, Quin reiterates that the collection needed to further provide an, “actionable way to genuinely support women's rights” and to, “make a tangible contribution to empowering women internationally.

Nyasha Matonhodze is a Woman of Purpose.

The foundation’s year-long rehabilitation and training programme resonated particularly with Catherine and her Women of Purpose capsule: “The programme teaches women practical skills to help them earn and save money, giving them independence and confidence, and enabling them to feel valuable as people… I felt that the spirit of this work had a great synergy with the values of our brand, in terms of inspiring and empowering women to go on and do great things.”

It’s not often that one discovers a personality that actually practices what he/she preaches – but Catherine Quin, with her determination to progress (“I’m continually learning”), be it via her Women of Purpose capsule or beyond, is categorical proof that you may yet strike lucky.

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